This is my costume. Now give me the damn candy!

Music to marathon to:

Halloween costume to run to:

What happens after I visit the mall and Claire’s Boutique has a 50 percent off sale on all of their Halloween gear:

What happens to my outfit after I ask my awesome, clever blog readers for help:

I loved everyone’s suggestions – so I used them all! The only thing I added was a tribute to the Marines for always defending our country and making this race possible. I will get my race medal placed around my neck by a Marine on Sunday; how amazing is that? I also added the names of the Marines in my family: Corporal Jeffrey Oyler, Captain Gray Payne and Major General Gray Payne. I’m running this race for me, but it’s for them that I picked this race. Oh, and I also got some black and orange hairspray. …

I think all that’s left to do is run! Make sure to track me online or on your iPhone if you can – I need the love!