My Halloween costume this year: Sweaty Runner

So, I’ve finally decided what I’m going to wear on Sunday.

Not super-original, but I grabbed an orange T-shirt from Target for $3. And some knee high socks that are orange and white with skulls. Coupled with my black running skirt from last year’s race (for good luck!), and I have my outfit. I was chatting with Anil about my outfit and we came up with the idea to write something on the back of the shirt. I love having something to read on the backs of runners’ shirts during a race, and since the shirt was so cheap, I have no worries about “messing it up.”

So, here are some ideas we came up with. Tell me which one you like or if you have another idea! (My only request is that it be something original. I don’t wanna steal anyone else’s existing T-shirt sayings.)

– My Halloween costume this year: Sweaty Runner

– Why is everyone running? I thought this was the way to trick-or-treating.

– I thought Halloween was about treats, so how did I get tricked into running this race?