calorie burn challenge week 6

So I thought I’d log my weekly calories during the 6-week calorie burn challenge TrySports is hosting, that I first mentioned here. Week 1 results are here, Week 2 is here, Week 3 here, Week 4 here, and Week 5 here. If you haven’t already, come out and do the challenge with us – all you need is a heart rate monitor and the ability to do a group run or walk at TrySports at least once a week (they do them Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15.)

I think this is the last week – although I got an email saying it ends this Thursday – so either my math is off or theirs is!

Week 6

Tuesday: Running – 4.11 miles – 42 minutes – 480 calories

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Hiking – 10.5 miles – 10 hours 30 minutes – 3,397 calories

Total for week: 14.11 miles – 12 hours 12 minutes – 3877 calories

Total for challenge: 14,283calories (out of 10,000 for challenge)