You know it’s a great day when you get free shoes …

Ok, I know I have written about my favorite running store, TrySports, only about half a million times on here. Every time I go in there they find some way to amaze me.

I have written before about how great they are at fitting people for shoes. They really listen to what you have to say, and any little issue you may be having with your body regarding working out is worth mentioning to them. They always have great advice. Needless to say, with all the running I’m doing for this marathon preparation, I’ve been going through shoes like crazy this year. And they’ve been there every step of the way.

Last week I went in with my worn-out Mizuno Wave Inspires, purchased less than 4 months ago (and part of a 2-pair rotation with my Asics DS-Trainers, at that! Check out the Yankz! on those Trainers – have gotten so many compliments on them!). Logan and Joe from TrySports were awesome as usual, fitting me for a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixirs (lighter weight and lighter support than the Inspires; I’m slowly but surely backing away from the high-stability shoes!)

After grabbing the bright green Yankz! for the Asics, I’m hooked on the bright Yankz! now. So here are my Elixirs now, with a nice, pink touch!:

Who says running shoes can't be fun?
Who says running shoes can't be fun?

Ronnie saw them the other day, and he said “Well, I certainly won’t lose you in those things!”

Ok, I won’t go into the whole shoe-fitting process again, but I do want to say this: Not only did they have me run on the treadmill, but also around the block, since outside running is what I’m doing. They also had me run in a pair of Brooks for comparison (which I also liked, for the record!). Then they had me run around the block with one Mizuno and one Brooks on. Then I asked them about a good running sock and they had me try on a pair, then run around the block in the Mizunos and the new socks to make sure the socks fit perfectly! Talk about attention (and a workout!)

I also asked them about what to wear on my legs for the marathon. I don’t want to wear pants, but my shorts ride up and cause chafing on my inner thighs. Body Glide works great for about 10 miles, then it wears off. I have 3 running skirts; one is too short and causes the same issue, and the other 2 are too big for me (a good problem!) Joe didn’t have anything in the store but he said he would find me something (sure enough, I got a call yesterday; my new shorts and/or skirt are waiting for me to come try on!)

Also, remember my man’s shirt that I converted into a my-size shirt? Well, apparently Joe read that blog – and he brought it up as we walked to the checkout counter. “I believe we owe you a women’s shirt,” he said.

“No,” I laughed. “I fixed mine – I love it now!”

He wouldn’t hear it, and so thus I ended up with my brand new x3 shirt!

Triple Rewards club shirt

Speaking of the Triple Rewards club, let me just say that if you are not a member of TrySports x3 club and you work out regularly, you should really consider it. They can talk to you about how much you need to spend per year to make it worth it to you, but it has paid of indefinitely for me. It costs $50 per year, and you get 3 points for every dollar you spend, and $10 for every 200 points. Then you get $30 on referrals (so of course, please refer me!), $30 on your birthday, and probably other things that I’m forgetting to mention.

So, I approached the register with my stack of coupons received from various purchases/referrals, etc. My shoes and Yankz! rang up to $130. I handed over my stack of coupons, Joe typed them in. He started laughing. “I don’t know how you did it,” he said as he showed me the screen on his register, “But you managed to equal exactly out to $0!”

I took my free shoes and my free Yankz! and my super-cool x3 shirt (oh, and my socks!) and skipped out of there with a smile on my face. I freakin love that place!

So, your job is:

– Go to TrySports

– Get your new running shoes (or walking shoes, or biking shoes, or whatever you need)

– Tell them I sent you

– Find out about the x3 club.

That is all.