Some scissors and some free time …

So when I joined TrySports‘ Triple Rewards Club, I got a free T-shirt. Not just any free T-shirt. A moisture-wicking tech tee. Those are not cheap – can cost up to $50. And they are great for running in.

Except … even though I got a size small, it was way too big for me. I could not figure out why! I ran in it several times during pre-dawn workouts – it’s one of a few white running shirts I own, and it’s necessary to wear bright clothes while running in the dark.

But I hated running in it. I felt like it was strangling me. I felt like the extra material was holding me back with the wind. The sleeves were too long. I like to run in tank tops or sometimes just a sports bra. This was not working. But I was stuck with it – it didn’t come in xs, so that was as good as it could get.

Here’s a pic of me wearing it, taken at one of Kevin’s Triathlons recently:

Me, Kevin, Mia

See how big it is? Ick. But like I said, it’s white and it’s a tech tee.

The other day when I was at TrySports I realized what the problem was: It’s a men’s shirt! They have a women’s version, and somehow I ended up with the men’s. Explains why a small was too big …

And TrySports has a 100% guarantee, so I thought about bringing it back and asking for a women’s shirt. But I felt bad – I have worn it a few times. It just didn’t seem right.

So I decided to make it fit. What did I have to lose? I didn’t want to wear it as is! So, a few safety pins, a pair of scissors and about an hour later, this is what my shirt looks like now:



Now, I don’t think I’ll get into fashion school anytime soon, but it definitely fits much better now. Now the test: Can I run in it? We will see!