Uninvited dinner party guest (wait, that’s me)

Thirty-one years ago today my parents decided to host a dinner party in which I would become the uninvited guest. My mom’s due date was April 30, not March 30, so when she went to the bathroom and there was blood everywhere to say there was a cause for concern would be quite an understatement.

I am told everyone rushed to the hospital sans my cousins who were taken home quickly, where it was confirmed I was coming early and I was breach so I would be a C-section baby. All the blood was apparently placenta and I think some other scary stuff might have happened or maybe that in and of itself is scary, I’m not really well-versed on baby medical drama and I don’t recall being too worried myself. This medical drama is the reason Dad refers to this as the “worst day of his life.” (at least, that’s what he tells me!)

My mom was not awake during surgery and apparently it was touch-and-go for a while (Mom, Dad, correct me if I’m wrong about this. My memory is rock solid on most things but this day escapes me.) Because Mom was asleep, Dad got to hold me first, as did Aunt Josie. Now that I am an aunt I can see what a big huge deal the order of who-held-me-when is, and I am honored to have been surrounded by these wonderful people during my first moments.

I arrived with a bang, some might say, and I’m sure it was just the first of many causes for my parents to worry throughout my formative years. When I think about Mom at that dinner party, 29 years old and supposedly a month away from delivery, my eyes tear up as I realize what kind of fear she must have faced when she discovered that this night – and this birth (her first one) – would not go as planned.

When she called this morning she told me “It was worth it. And I’d do it all over again.” Good to know, good to know. “But what about Kevin?” I asked. “Would you do it all over again with Kevin?” (I jest, little brother …)

Speaking of, I’m pretty sure Jenny and Kevin were “normal” births, although they did wonder at first if Kevin was twins so I’m guessing that was a pretty weird moment as well.

I’d say our family turned out just like it was supposed to, no twins and all, and I am definitely an Aries (not a Taurus.) I believe my entrance into the world happened exactly on time, even if I did have to crash a dinner party to announce my arrival. Mom, Dad, Mia, Josie, Pete, Ed, Christie … I think I owe you all dinner.