I was destined to be an Aries

Today is my birthday. My birthday. But for some reason, I’m not thinking of myself so much today. I’m thinking of my mom.

Because the day of my birth was a much bigger deal for her than me. Heck, I don’t even remember it!

Apparently I was impatient even in the womb. Because my mom’s due date was at the end of April. But I was destined to be an Aries. I told the story last year, so I won’t go into it again. But let’s just say she’s been on my mind today a lot.

Maybe by extension, but I’m thinking about Katie a lot today too. She’s carrying my unborn niece around with her these days, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet the baby girl!

This is me and my parents on my baptism in July 1978. Nice 'stache, Dad. ...

Speaking of babies, I raided my baby book this morning for some tidbits about the early days. I found these gems, written by Mom:

“By 9 1/2 months, she insisted on feeding herself finger foods – refused all baby foods except cereal. Loves Cheerios and Cheese!”

– found this particularly amusing as I had Cheerios for breakfast this morning …

“Melissa has always loved being outdoors. She would stop crying if we took her outside. She loves to watch the dogs – especially Buckwheat [the black lab] running.”

– some things never change, as I look out my window and see Kishin, the black doberman mix, running …

In August 1982, I said, “Mama, I’m not going to get married right away when I grow  up. I’m going to wait a few minutes.”

I also asked, “Does God have hair like Granddaddy’s?”

On my 3rd birthday, March 30, 1981, we were camping in Saint Augustine, Fl. I actually remember this birthday. Some of you might as well as this was the day Reagan was shot. I remember having a cupcake in a hotel room that had a courtyard. My baby book says we camped for 2 nights and spent the third night in a hotel. I’m guessing this is one of my first memories. As I grew up, for some reason I mistook the memory and thought we were in a hotel because Reagan got shot. That somehow we were there, at the shooting. I actually had to look it up just to make sure that wasn’t true.

So I’ve had my Cheerios this morning. Might have  a slice of cheese and go sit outdoors and watch the dogs run around. Some things never change …