Run fashion: What to wear (on your feet)

Today’s Tortoise and the Hare topic: What to wear on your feet.

tortoise_and_hare_logoTo get fitted or not to get fitted?

If you’re a runner, you probably know all about the process of getting fitted for running shoes. If you don’t, get yourself to a running store pronto and ask them about it.

At a good running store, they staff professionals who know all about the running shoes, all about the different styles of running, and how to put runners in the best shoes they can to accommodate their stride.

The process includes but is not limited to the following: Asking you what races or distances you are currently training for; measuring your feet; examining your current shoes to see where you have left the most wear on them; putting you in the shoes they think you should try; watching you run and perhaps filming you to slow down the speed so they can determine if you’re pronating, etc.

IMG_1364All that said: running shoes are a science, in my opinion. The first time I got fitted for them, I thought it was so weird that I wasn’t asked to pick a color or style that I liked. But then it hit me: my favorite color is so not what I should be worried about when it comes to running shoes.

I’ve been to a few different places to get fitted for shoes over the past decade or so. They all do it a little bit differently – some places you run on a treadmill, some are on a sidewalk, some have you do both. These days, Ultra Running Company is my go-to place. They have put me in some great shoes.

My current favorites are a pair of Saucony Isoseries Zealots. Yes, they are purple and pink. I lucked out! I also have a pair of Hoka Ones. I do like them, but not like I like my Sauconys.

Make sure to check out Quinn’s blog about her running shoes of choice. This is where we will differ – she’s a natural athlete, so she doesn’t need as much assistance in the running shoe department. She could probably beat me in a race wearing flip-flops! (I say this proudly!)

Also, want to run Charlotte Marathon with us? Quinn is running the half, and I’ll probably torture myself with the full again (marathon #4!). If you want to run it, sign up here and use the code quinnrey.

Special thanks to Mariel for the photography and styling for this post.  My clothes are from Think Allways, a local brand. Bonus!