News of my next adventure (‘news’, get it?)

I didn’t even think I was looking.

I normally wouldn’t have taken a second glance, but something about it just stopped me in my tracks.

I knew in that first moment that this was fate.

And so, when I contacted Creative Loafing/Charlotte about their Creative Director position, I tried something a little risky: I told them that I didn’t think I even wanted their job. That I wasn’t even in the market for a full-time position. I love MOD, I love my clients, I love working in my pajamas. But I also love Creative Loafing. Have for years. Have always thought it’d be a wonderful place to work (and of course, I really did want the job; who was I fooling?). That we all really should sit down and talk for a little while. And I also told them, in my cover letter, that I have pink hair. They’ll either love me or hate me, I thought, which is as it should be …

So, it turns out: CL and me? Like peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and bananas. Chamomile tea and Ambien. Oh wait, I’ve said too much.

Fast forward through a whirlwind of a few weeks, and I’d now like to introduce myself as Creative Loafing’s new Creative Director. I start Monday.

Bring it on, new adventures.