Make sure you have coffee for this one.


She bared her soul, y’all, and she’s doing it for the world to read.

How did I feel when my best friend since we were 8 years old told me she’d had an emotional affair?

Surprised? Of course. She’s never in our whole lives been one to break the rules. In fact, I’ll admit that when she first mentioned it (naturally during a coffee date), I honestly thought her “version” of an emotional affair would be something like “a cute guy walked by and I noticed it and now I feel guilty …” or something equally as “g-rated.”

But supportive? Absolutely. She’d obviously been through something, and it had taken its toll.

And then there she was, writing the whole story. And I certainly had underestimated it.  But I realized something: Amy is a strong, strong woman. She didn’t write it because she finds it entertaining or because she wants to share all the juicy details. In fact, juicy details is exactly what she did not want to share. But she did it anyway so that she could hopefully help someone else who has been where she’s been. Or prevent someone from going where she went.

Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. I had the pleasure of being asked to design the book cover and format the style sheets for the interior of the book, make them eBook and print ready (hence my MOD plug of a coffee mug in the above image. Also, every good book deserves a cup of coffee to go with it.) And then I got to copy edit it, twice. So I know this book like the back of my hand. And it’s worth a read for many, many reasons.

When I was a teenager, growing up in what was at the time the only Presbyterian church in our small town, I remember scandal. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, word traveled fast in our church. The biggest drama during my teen years was when Family A’s dad left for Family B’s mom. And both Family A and Family B had children around my age. So, how did it look from the perspective that everyone is a sinner, that we should not judge others due to the fact that we are not without sin, therefore cannot cast the first stone? Ha. No, it was pretty much just good gossip for a long time.

Read this book because, while this story is different from the one I just mentioned, it’s still a picture of what sin looks like in the heart of the Bible Belt. The sin is accustomed to being swept under the rug. My very brave friend has ensured that this did not happen, not this time.

Read it because if it’s something you’ve been through, this book helps give you a path out. If it’s not something you’ve been through, it’s a clear message that you do not want to go through this. Trust her. I’ll stop writing now so you can start reading.