Doctor’s orders

So, I went to see an ortho doctor this morning about my foot injury. And sure enough, there’s a small fracture on my third metatarsal bone. The good news is, the X-rays from a week ago show that new bone has already started to form, and the X-rays from today show an even bigger healing. So, he fitted me in a lovely ortho sandal that I get to wear. He said the barefoot running shoes may actually not be the cause – it could be due to the fact that I don’t stretch nearly enough as I should. Oops.

And here’s the good news: He said, based on the amount of healing the X-rays show, I only need to hold off running another 10-14 days! Which means, fingers crossed that all else goes well, I should be able to do the marathon!

It’s such a relief. It’s also pretty amazing to me. I’m still in a good deal of pain (hence the sandal) so it’s so interesting to see how fast it will heal. He said my instinct to stop running was a really good one, once I realized it was hurt, and that’s part of why it’s getting better so well.

So, I’m excited about the marathon, ready to get my fitness back, and 10-14 days is way better than the month I was originally told! Oh, and I’ve already decided – I’ll keep from running in the minimalist shoes until after the marathon. Just in case!