4 kids and I didn’t even have to change a dirty diaper

Chuck surprised my sister for their anniversary by bringing her and the kids up to my house for the night so I could babysit while they had an evening out. What he may not have known was he was giving me a gift as well! It was my pleasure to watch the two boys. And then, Kevin and Jenn brought Mia and Sadie over! I was in heaven. While Caleb slept, Cai and Mia and Sadie played with the adults.  I had no idea Kevin was capturing everything with video, but he did that and put some cool music to it. You can see it here! If you wonder why I’m wrapping my hands around Mia’s head midway through, it was because I was giving her a makeover! Also, at 2:50-ish, you can see Sadie blow a bubble right into my forehead. Adorable. Also, we were “playing football” at the beginning, which is why my big butt is right in the frame ..

Also, if you’re curious about the makeover results, here they are:

She actually wanted one beauty mark “on each side” but I told her she could only have one. 🙂

And here are a couple of other photos of the kids together:

He was so excited and surprised every time we blew bubbles!
Enjoying a dinner around the table. I love it when my home is full!

I didn’t get any photos of Caleb because when I was holding him my hands were full! But he is absolutely adorable.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the diapers, that was the advantage of having the kids’ parents around! And when Cai had a dirty diaper I suckered Kevin into changing it since they are both boys. I figured if I’ve been told that (by Jeff) about the girls, then it works in the reverse, right?