Laser hair removal update

So, I blogged a few weeks ago about the beginning of my ventures into laser hair removal. Several people have asked how it’s going, and I don’t have too much to report yet (it’s a slow process) but I’ll tell you how it’s going so far.

My first appointment was for brazilian bikini at Elite Laser Care in Charlotte. I already told you about my experience there. The laser was warm but the cold air was much more prominent and I felt hardly any discomfort. That was 3 weeks ago today. She told me I should see results within 1-2 weeks, and that I can shave as much or as little as I’d like between treatments but not to wax. So, I’ve followed instructions, and sure enough, about a week or so later, I noticed that as the hair was growing back, there are certain patches that are “missing”. It’s odd, because I expected the hair to just thin out overall, but instead, I’m just getting full growth back in some areas and no growth back in others. Hey, works for me! I’ve also noticed that as I shave, it seems to be taking longer to get that “stubble” feeling that I so hate. Also a good thing!

My second appointment was at Ameriskin in Phoenix. I got a Living Social deal – 6 treatments for $87. I decided to use this one on my underarms. Anil took me a week and a half ago. The process was very similar with only minor exceptions – one, there was no “cold air” blasting. And I was not on any pain medication at that moment. However, it seemed even less warm than Elite Laser Care – for a moment, I even wondered if it was working. But I could feel a little prick (nothing painful really) and she assured me that meant it was working. Also, the cool down process after was practically nonexistent. Gina at Elite Laser Care had me stay for a good 20 minutes or so while she “cooled me down” with lotion and cold washcloths, but Ameriskin didn’t really do that. She wiped my skin down quickly and then sent me on my way. The effects seemed the same, though – no discomfort after. And a week and a half later, I’m beginning to see similar signs – patches of hair missing where stubble is existing surrounding it. Success! So much so that I’m contemplating calling them on the special they just emailed me – $99 for bikini, lower legs and underarms. I’m guessing I could sub out bikini and underarms for other areas … and I really want to get my legs done. Anil advised me not to give them any money until I can see for sure it’s working, and that’s a good call, but as of today I’m starting to see the signs!

Crystal, you mentioned seeing results when you had laser treatment done. I’m curious how many sessions you had. So far, I am loving this process! I will advise everyone to keep your eye out for deals of the day and do it that way – it certainly makes it more affordable!

I’ll keep you posted as I get more sessions done, but so far, so good!