Which one says ‘Melissa’?

So, I was poking around on Twitter yesterday and realized that I haven’t changed my avatar in almost 3 years. This has been my face since I joined Twitter in 2008:

That photo was taken on my 30th birthday in Asheville, N.C. My, how time flies. And man, I loved those earrings. Don’t have them anymore (sad face).

So, it’s time for a change. I tend to not want to change the Twitter avatar a lot – the avatar is how I recognize a lot of folks so once I pick one, I want to stick with it for a while (if that’s not obvious by my 3-year stint!) Shawn says my current one looks “both happy and deviant at the same time.” Which is totally cool and I want to make sure my new one is equally cool!

Help me decide – which photo says “Melissa” to you?