For Anil, on his 32nd birthday

Because now he can’t use old jokes against me anymore. For at least a few months.

= You can’t call it happy hour anymore. You have to start calling it “early bird special.”

Anil at what he calls "happy hour"

= It’s a good thing you like grits because you might have to start eating soft food soon.
= Just because it’s two 16-year-olds does not mean it’s legal.
= It’s time to stop selling your ID for other people to use as fakes. No one wants to pretend to be your age.

I’m putting all these in my blog so that you can look it up when you forget. Your memory could be the next thing to go. 

Apparently fashion sense and eyesight go next. Aren't those women's glasses?

Anyone else have any advice for the old man?