Today, a mystery

So, I’ve been MIA lately. Shame on me! I have been out of town a lot – I probably spent three days at home last month.  In the past month, have been in DC, Phoenix, Vegas and Florida. All this out of town has made it impossible to sit down in front of the computer! So, I’ve been out doing things that are blog-worthy, but without the time to blog about them. So sorry! I’ve been missing it though and I plan to get back to regular blogging now. I promise.

So, instead of making this a million miles long and trying to catch you up on everything, I’ll do a little at a time. Today I’ll start with a mystery that happened over the weekend.

My friend Scott was in Savannah running a race. Specifically the Savannah Bridge Run in Georgia. You may remember Scott from this post about him. Scott’s friend Chris ran the race and wore a Scottoberfest shirt that I designed for Scott’s birthday. Here’s a photo of Scott wearing the shirt:

So, after the race Chris was standing in line for beer when a girl who had run the race walked up to him and said, “I know Melissa Oyler, the girl who designed that shirt.”

Scott called to tell me the story and has tasked me with finding out who she was. Lemme tell you, it’s a totally awesome feeling to hear that someone recognized my work 3 hours away from home! I’m guessing it’s someone who has seen this design before, either on my blog or facebook or twitter. And it’s someone who wasn’t at Scottoberfest or else she would have said she knows Scott.

And, to whoever it was, just know that made my day. I love that story. Now, reveal yourself!