‘I hear 40 is overrated, anyway’

I choked back tears when I read those words yesterday. Scott texted me to tell me Elizabeth’s cancer news had not come back good. I checked her Facebook page immediately and part of her status alluded to the fact that she may never see the next decade.

Elizabeth's Facebook profile picture

Lest we dwell too much on the bad, though, Elizabeth was there to remind us to focus on the good. She asked everyone to join her for a beer/sleeping tablet/painkiller party. People responded immediately with thoughts of hope and support for her in the wake of her bad news. Elizabeth comforted everyone with a retort: “I am on the Road to Recovery remember boys and girls… this is just setback….. POSITIVE ATTITUDE = POSITIVE RESULTS!!!! More treatment coming… that’s all!!”

I’ve only met Elizabeth in person one time, when she came across the ocean from the U.K. for Scott’s birthday party. Her bright eyes and smile lit up the room more than even the birthday boy’s (no offense, Scotty!). Scott introduced me to her on Facebook several months before; he thought we’d get along well, as fellow runners often do. She was one of the first to download the iPhone app (that ended up not working) for the Marine Corps Marathon. Lemme tell you – that was awesome knowing someone that far away would be able to “watch” me run! She seems to know a good bit about what supporting one another can do.

I don’t know much about her cancer; she doesn’t talk about the details. I know it’s stage 4 and I know she’s gonna beat it. She talks about recovery more than the disease, and her message rings loud and clear in the “buttons of hope” campaign that she champions.

And speaking of support, friends from all around the globe are changing their profile pictures to this one of Elizabeth, the one that has become the face of those buttons she hands out to remind people that it’s all about recovery:


I guess I didn’t need to describe how she lights up a room, did I? All I really needed to do was show you that picture.

So, here’s to you, Elizabeth Fallon.

A beer for Elizabeth

Fight the good fight, my friend, and show us all that we can do anything.