Friends, shopping, and stripping

Everyone else is excited about the holidays. I am, too, but I have to confess that as I’m gift shopping I’m also looking ahead to another project. Very soon, I will get to help a friend with one of my favorite things: decorating. Anil is opening his home to me for a couple of weeks so that I can transform it into the living space that he desires.

I’m especially excited about Anil’s apartment for one main reason: He’s got brick walls throughout. They were painted over when he moved in, but I think if we can manage to strip them down to the exposed brick, they will really be modern and provide an awesome backdrop for the condo design. He has a great space and I can’t wait to help him update it. Does anyone have any experience stripping paint from brick? Any tips to share? (And yes, the title is referring to stripping brick. Sorry if you’re disappointed!)

Here are a couple of pictures of his living room now:

Here’s a mock up of what I’m thinking, so far, to modernize his place:

You can click on the photo and zoom in to read the descriptions of the items and why I like them for his space. He wants modern, masculine, minimalist. What do you think so far?