“How are YOU?” “We’re fine” Gag me.

Today, I bring a rant.

One of my pet peeves is when I ask someone a question about herself and she responds in the plural, telling me how she and her significant other are doing.

“How have you been?”

We’ve been fine.”

“What do you think of this?”

“Well, we think …”

“Can you get to this task?”

“Well, we’ve been busy with work …”

The editor in me feels the need to point out that yes, I realize “you” can be plural or singular. But when I’m asking you how you’re doing, I’m talking about you, the individual. Not you the couple or you the family. I will ask how your significant other or your child is doing as well; of course, I want to know that information too.

But this exchange, this translation of singular to plural, really bothers me. It conveys that people that speak this way cease to exist as individual once they partner up. My significant other can be fine and I can be under the weather. Or vice versa.

Moods and thoughts continue to be individual, people, even if you’re part of a couple.

Ok, that’s all. Sorry, just had to vent.