My next adventure

So, Jeff has a conference in Vegas in a few weeks and I am fortunate enough to tag along. We’re staying at Mandalay Bay and although he’ll be busy working a lot of the week, I’ll be having fun on The Strip with or without him. This will be my fourth trip to Vegas and I always have fun when I’m there.

I’m also taking the opportunity to visit a friend in Phoenix – so I’ll be flying from Charlotte to Phoenix and then from Vegas to Charlotte. I’ll either catch a ride with him to Vegas if he wants to come along or I’ll take a flight.

I booked my tickets this morning and I’m getting super stoked! My question to you frequent travelers is this: How in the world do I make all my luggage carry-on? With a $25 checked bag fee and a potential of 3 different flights, I’d really prefer to carry on. And I’m fairly low-maintenance. But the more I think about it, the more liquids I realize I need. Shampoo, lotion, contact solution, sunscreen, makeup foundation, mascara?, hair products, etc. … Do I just buy the items I need when I get to my destination?

Also, is anyone going to be in Vegas or want to be? I’ll send you the dates if so. Would be fun to have some buddies to hang out with!