How to make Starbucks have negative calories

This post is not just about exercising. This post is about how amazing my friends and family are and how exercising plays a big role in that.

Case in point:

Wednesday I rode my bike to TrySports (7 miles) for the group ride, only to have it rained out. Instead of calling it a day, Scott and I had Jeff meet us at Brixx for some beer and pizza. Way to not let the rainy day wash away the fun!

Thursday I ran from my house toward Colleen’s while I waited for her to get off of work. Once she got home she changed into workout gear and then came to pick me up (for the record, I was 5.75 miles from my house and about 1.5 miles from hers). We then went to Starbucks, got some iced coffee and hit the trail for a walk and gossip. Trail was flooded out but Plan B was just as good – we walked on the sidewalks instead, logging 3.5 miles of quality time and calorie-burning.

Saturday there was no time to work out. Why? Because Colleen and I were on a mission – finding fun costumes to run next weekend’s 1K beer run. Colleen got some fun 80s gear, including purple and teal high tops sneakers!, and I ended up ordering a beer garden girl costume:

It won’t arrive until right before the race, so fingers crossed it fits! If not, I know where to buy some high tops …

Sunday I went for a bike ride and run with my neighbor Melissa. We rode the course of the Ballantyne Triathlon and then ran it.  Then that afternoon, Chris and I rode the course of the Tri at Baxter. Running in the heat is always better with a friend. Riding on the roads is always better with a friend. In fact, everything is better with true friends – who support and love, and who will go walking with you when everything is flooded.