An open letter to an angry motorist

I mentioned this incident yesterday. Here’s the letter I sent to Stanley Steemer. No response yet.

Dear Timi Daly [of Stanley Steemer],
I was bicycling around 5:45 pm today on Marvin Road toward Charlotte (in Marvin, NC.) One of your vans passed me, and as they did a man in the passenger seat leaned out the window and yelled at me to please cycle on the sidewalk.
Can you please pass on the message to him that sidewalks are meant for pedestrians only? Bicycles are considered vehicles as far as the [state] law is concerned; I certainly did not see him riding his van on the sidewalk, so I would ask him not to ask me to ride my bike on the sidewalk.
Regarding North Carolina bicycling laws, according to
“Bicyclists have the right to access every destination reachable by public roads, and this right is protected by the traffic laws of every state. North Carolina law specifically defines bicycles as vehicles and assigns bicycle operators all of the rights and duties of drivers of vehicles on roads.”
I would also like to communicate that because of his actions, I will unlikely ever be contacting Stanley Steamer to clean my carpets. This may not be the marketing plan your corporation had in mind as it created your brightly painted vans, which went a long way toward advertising who exactly was yelling out the windows.
Thank you in advance for passing on the message.

Melissa Oyler