Top-secret assignments, trips to DC and my in-laws are cool

This post is random (advanced warning).

I had a dream last night that I was being secretly recruited by the FBI for an assignment of which I had no knowledge of but if I told anyone I would wind up dead. Also being recruited was an exboyfriend who is notoriously untrustworthy so why I would agree to an assignment which required him to keep his mouth shut is beyond me …

And I got a voice mail stating that if I wanted said assignment I would show up at this place and time. I recognized the voice as my father-in-law’s. Since I trust him I showed up and sure enough, there he was in his Marine Corps Major General dress blues. He asked if I was surprised to see him and I said, “Of course not. I recognized your voice!”

I blame most of this dream on the fact that I was watching an episode of Flash Forward on my DVR right before I fell asleep.

Jenny on the bike

Speaking of, I fell asleep at 8:30 last night because my sister and I went on a 20-mile bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail yesterday followed by a 3.1 mile partially trail run (partially asphalt) around Furman. My only regret was that Jessica couldn’t join us (that whole work thing), but I plan to come back in a couple of weeks and she’ll definitely come this time! We’ll make sure of it!

Jenny and I biked really really slowly, mostly due to the fact that we had to stop and ask directions a lot, plus we are both green on the bike. Plus there are lots of stop signs on the trail where roads intersect, and I’m a chicken when it comes to bike vs. car so I’d rather come to a complete stop and really look before crossing. I know, I’m a baby.

Jenny rode Chuck’s mountain bike and I’m still trying to get acquainted with my road bike. I practiced letting my body absorb the shock of potholes (or in our case, railroad tracks), as Kevin recommended for fewer tire punctures. Hopefully it’ll keep the flats to a minimum as I really have no clue how to fix it (even though REI gave a very detailed description when I went there to have them fit me and fix my flat from Sunday.)

Also, I got to spend a little time with my super-cute nephew, and I’ll totally brag that he let me hold him even though he’s wary of that with others. I’m thinking he remembers me from the two weeks I spent with him when he was first born!

And speaking of father-in-laws (I know, weird transition), I’ll be seeing my other father-in-law (the dentist, as opposed to the general) in a couple of weeks. I’ll get my teeth cleaned while I’m there. When I first met Jeff and found out his dad is a dentist, I thought I’d never be comfortable with someone I know as my dentist. Just felt weird and invading. But then I finally did a couple of years ago – and he’s literally the best dentist I’ve ever met. I’m hooked. I told my mom this and she reminded me my grandfather was a dentist. But he was never my dentist (retired when I was still a child) so I can’t speak for that.

Trips I’m looking forward to this summer:

– Orlando in a couple of weeks (mentioned above);
– Vegas in June;
– DC sometime this summer for Ronnie and Sally’s “we’re happy you got married” dinner, a Marine Corps parade and some marathon training on the course with Corinne.

Lots to be happy about!