Things I want to talk about

= Buying a bathing suit at Target while drunk at 5 pm on a Sunday;
= Cycling rules/laws I’ve learned/want to confirm;
= Brewfest in Rock Hill that boasted a climbing wall (does that seem like a good combo to you?);
= Running a 5K while stressed;
= Cycling the route of the triathlon that Kevin thinks I should sign up for (notice I keep saying Kevin wants me to sign up for it, not that I want to – so I can blame him if it goes awry!);
= Why I won’t be shopping at a certain running store in Charlotte – possibly ever;
= Why I want to move to a smaller house.

But for now, I’m going to run 5 miles with Kevin today at lunch (we were going to swim, but it’s actually cold today!) So I’ll check back in later! But I’ll leave you with this picture, taken at Brewfest: