On Athens without Chris

So, whether you read this blog daily or have only read it once, you probably know that I visit Athens quite frequently to visit my best friend Chris. We always have such a great time while I’m in town. He usually works during the week or takes a day off to hang out with me, and while he’s at work I work from his apartment. We work out together at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am (if he promises to wake me up with coffee), or sometimes in the evenings. And at night we go out and play in this college town that offers endless fun.

But you knew that already because you hang onto this blog’s every word, right?

So, this time in Athens was different. Chris is spending two weeks in Europe with a childhood friend, Shaun. Jeff was out of town for work and so I had his Jeep for the week. I went to visit Jenny and Chuck and Cai in Greenville. It was awesome seeing the little nephew and he’s more adorable every time I see him! Jenny and I ran together a couple of times (2 miles the first day, 9 the second.) I also managed to squeeze in a 21-mile bike ride with Jessica which was awesome. The visit was way too short and I need to come back soon and for longer.  

Since I was already halfway to Athens, I couldn’t just go home!  Normally I stay a week or two but I figured a couple of days would be nice, even without my bff. I would take the time to work on a few things with the apartment decorating, get some workouts in, and spend some time with our other friends. It would be low-key and quiet compared to a normal trip, but that was okay too.

Boy, was I wrong! It turns out I have more than one amazing friend in Athens, and apparently I should have stayed the entire week. I certainly wouldn’t have run out of things to do. The three days I was here were a whirlwind – karaoke and dancing with Karen and Jonathan and Keith, feta fries at 2 a.m. with Jonathan, lounging at the pool and nursing a hangover with Karen, a trail run and lake swim workout with Kim, drinks and dancing all over again with Keith and Jonathan and Bobby and Adam. I missed out on seeing Beth and Jessica and Allie (Jessica and Allie were both in Boston), and so there was definitely not enough time. Oh, and my camera battery died the first night and I forgot to pack the charger, so I’m so sad that I don’t have more pictures from this trip. Here are a few from the first night, though!

Of course, I missed Chris like crazy and I wish he’d been around to partake in our adventures, but he’s having his own on the other side of the world right now. So, cheers to adventure, Athens-style or otherwise!