Prefontaine – eh. Boston – good.

I must be the only runner I know who was completely uninspired by the movie “Prefontaine.” I have no idea why – it just didn’t do it for me. I Netflixed it a long time ago and had been saving it for the right moment to watch – chose the night before my half-marathon. Turned it off halfway through because I decided sleep was more inspiring than the movie. Finished watching it last week. Nope, didn’t do it for me.

I also must be the only runner I didn’t know who wasn’t watching the Boston Marathon yesterday. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was watching Desperate Housewives and by the time it was finished the marathon wasn’t streamlining anymore. Oops. I was told that watching the marathoners was extremely inspiring, and I’m sorry I missed it. I watched it a couple of years ago but that was before I could even fathom running a marathon. Would have liked to see that.

Did I mention I signed up for Marine Corps Marathon? I am very excited to train for that (training starts in June.) Scott and Corinne are running as well. I can only hope things go as well as they did for Thunder Road – and I hope I can run Thunder Road again this year! (Will decide after MCM.)

Going to run on the track today with Bobby and Chris. Interval runs – I need to get faster!