Bumping and beer pong

Beer club at Pauleys in Athens, Ga:

 So, here’s how the beer club works at Pauleys: Drink 100 beers, 35 imports and 65 domestics, and get your picture on the wall with a quote. No time limit. I started my beer card on 11/1/08, right after the bar opened. The bar was so dead, that night, that Shana, Chris and I were the only customers, and bartender John cranked up the tunes and let us dance on the bar. That only happened once, but it was awesome. 

A year and a half later, and I’ve consumed 25 imports and 35 domestics. Not too bad for someone that doesn’t live here! I think the only person who will take longer than me to finish my card will be Jeff, but he started after me so we’ll see! 

My beer card
This is how we keep up with what we've had. Are you surprised that it's wrinkled, doodled on and spilled on?

 Of course, the fun of Pauley’s just isn’t in the Beer Club. The people are fun, the bartenders are fun … and it’s a place … where everybody knows your name …

bartending at Pauleys

 The regulars are friends, and when you meet new friends, you can bump them.

Me bumping with Jessica

What is bumping, you say? I’m glad you asked!


I just learned about bumping the other night from my new friend Jessica, seen in the picture above. I’d heard of it from the iPhone commercials, but I had wrongly assumed it was for the 3GS. It’s so cool – you download the (free!) app from iTunes, set up your contact info, set it to add the people as your Facebook friends if you want, and you’re ready to go.

When you meet someone you’d like to exchange information with, if they have an iPhone, you both turn on the app and then literally bump your phones together. As simple as that! I blurred out my home address and email – you’ll have to bump me to get them!

Beer Pong

Part of the reason it’s taken me so long to drink so few beers is because Pauley’s is only one of a gazillion bars in Athens. And there’s no cover to get into these bars, so you can literally hop all around town from bar to bar. And the other night at The Winery, our group decided to go play beer pong at Farenheit. Little did I know my new friend Keith had the hookup – he actually had The Winery bartender call Farenheit and reserve us a beer pong table. Score!

After a lovely literary discussion about whether Farenheit was actually called Farenheit 451 (it isn’t), we arrived. 


And, as promised, there was a beer pong table just for us. However, one problem: we had to walk downstairs to get to the beer pong table, to a place that’s actually another bar called Backdraft (see the sign in the background?).  And once we got down there, we noticed not only was the table free, but most of the bar was free. And we quickly figured out why: The smell of puke was overwhelming. Boo. One drunk person had to ruin it for everyone else!

We got outta there and headed straight to 8es bar, where the drinks are cheap and the music’s good.

dancin at 8es

And then of course, headed to Pauley’s for another notch on the beer card. Finished up at The Grill, where the feta fries are the best in town.

Outside at The Grill
Me, Keith, Lindsey, Amy waiting for our table at The Grill.

4 a.m.? Probably time to go home.