Sometimes, you just need your mom

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel as if it’s all you can do to keep your head above water? Yeah, me too. The frustrating part is that any one of those things could be handled – it’s the culmination of events that leave you feeling as if you’re drowning.

Deep breath. Calming thoughts. And then the realization comes that as bad as it seems, it’s really not that bad.

On the Today show this morning, there was a segment about the relationship between mothers and daughters. The featured guest, a male psychiatrist, was discussing how intriguing it was that mothers and daughters can go from love to hate to love to hate in a matter of moments. He said he hears them coming down the hall – fighting, hugging, yelling, laughing.

My mom’s birthday is Saturday, so she’s been on my mind a lot this week anyway. And I watched this segment endearingly. I remember the eye rolling from when I was much, much younger (I swear, I didn’t do that to her just last week!)

My mom and I have always had the dynamic that is described in this segment – and throughout my life she’s been both my best friend and my worst enemy – but that was mostly through the teenage years, so that hardly counts.

We bonded in a whole new way as we drove back from Texas this summer. Amazing how I can know someone for 31 years and still not know everything about them. She told me fantastic stories about meeting my dad and her college days, and they sounded strangely like my college days. Who knew?

My trip to DC has been canceled on account of the foot of snow that’s expected to be dropped there this weekend, and the bad weather expected in Charlotte. Neither Colleen or I want to drive in that mess! I was really looking forward to seeing my in-laws. I’m disappointed, but really it’s probably good – it will do wonders for my stress level.

What will I do with my weekend? I think maybe I’ll call my mom.