Fashion help, please?

Nothing beats a little retail therapy, as Colleen and I determined yesterday afternoon after our DC trip got canceled. We ended up at Express for some guilt-free shopping, thanks to some coupons and gift cards. One thing I always love at Express is the selection of leggings. I bought a plum-colored pair a couple of years ago, at Carissa’s suggestion, and I wear them all the time.

So yesterday, I picked over the not-so-great selection of leggings (they’re making room for the spring stuff, after all), and I picked out a pair. Once we got to the register we realized it was ringing up for $3 and some change. What a steal! Colleen and I instantly headed back to the leggings section and bought every sale pair they had (which only ended up being 4 pairs between the two of us, bummer.)

The two new pairs I bought have a pattern, so now I need to determine how to wear them. This is where I need your help! I tried them on and took some pictures with various outfits. I initally meant to just send them to Colleen only, so forgive the unmade bed, the pink bra, and clutter on the floor. (And if you’re wondering why there’s only a mattress in the bedroom, read this.)

So, I’ll show you my two pairs of leggings, and you tell me what work/doesn’t work. Thanks!

First, with a blue dress with a horizontal stripe in the dress, and black heels. Thinking it doesn’t really work with a patterned dress, even a slight pattern like that one:

Blue horizontal pattern

Now, with a plain black dress, with the same black heels. This dress I typically wear around the house or on a road trip, so maybe this dresses it up a little?

black dress

Now, with a slightly fancier black dress:

with black dress

Here they are with a pink T-shirt dress, black belt, pink heels:

pink dress

And with a blue dress, silver belt and heels:



Now, for the second pair of leggings. These are green and black fishnets. Normally I’m not a fan of fishnets but between the cheap price and Colleen’s endorsement, I decided to give them a try. When I first tried them on I thought “ew no way” but then I tried on a pair of boots – and with less leg showing, I’m happier with them. So, tell me what you think. And it might be hard to see the green stitching in these iphone photos, but it’s there! In fact, here’s a closeup – albeit, it’s a blurry closeup with the iphone camera, but hopefully that helps:

 close up

First, with the same black casual dress from above, and black boots:

fishnets with black dress

Now, with a green patterned dress. Does the pattern in the dress clash with the pattern on the tights, or are the tights subtle enough that it works?

with green pattern

Here they are with a brown dress and brown slouchy boots. The tights have no brown in them, but is the chocolate close enough to the black to make it work?

with brown dress

And lastly, do they work with shorts or is that way too much fishnet? Again, these are the brown slouchy boots – if they look better with the black ones, let me know!

with shorts

Thanks in advance for the opinions – I need to make sure I’m walking out of the house in style!