The best voicemail I ever got

Was recorded at 3 a.m. today.

My good friend Michael came up with a really great Christmas present idea, which he blogged about here.

The gist is this:

For Christmas presents this year, he would serenade his friend via phone. All we had to do is tell him what time to call and what day, and what song.

I was all over this.

And I knew exactly what I wanted him to sing. It would be the perfect welcome to the holidays.

I told him I wanted the following:

“Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

Sung to me on December 1

at 3 a.m.

(midnight his time.)

He said to me, “You do know this is a duet, right?”


He said, “So … I’m trying to get MYSELF drunk and cozy?”


I was sleeping when the phone call came in, but barely. I almost answered it but I knew I wanted it on my voice mail so I could hear it any time (one of his friend’s ideas) and then I made myself wait till morning to listen lest I accidentally delete it when I was half asleep or something.

He told me I was the first person he’d serenaded (well, duh. Why do you think I picked 3 a.m. East Coat time on December 1?)

And then he sang. And it was awesome. He sang both parts. The entire song. And it was the best voice mail I could have gotten.

I gotta think of a great gift for him in return, because this just takes the cake of presents. And no, I’m not singing. He does not want my voice on his voice mail, trust me.