Two confessions

1. I went to the Marine Corps Ball in Charlotte this weekend, and I wore the same dress I wore at the Marine Corps Ball in 2007 in Washington, D.C. Hey, I’m trying to save money!

2. I was a porker at the ball in 2007. Not entirely my fault – I was on some medicine that had made me pudge up even though I was hitting the gym 5-7 days a week.

So, since Kevin is brave enough to post his weight every week, I’ll be brave enough to post some “now and then” photos. I can’t believe I even fit in that dress back then!

Here we go:

First, the before picture. I can see the extra weight in my arms and in my face. My dress was on but I couldn’t exactly breathe. And I was wondering if there was any room for dinner in there, or if the dress might pop after I ate …

Colleen and me at the ball in 2007.
Colleen and me at the ball in 2007.

Now, the now picture (I won’t say “after” – I still have work to do!). I’m much happier with the definition in my arms, and my face looks slightly less round. There’s a little room in the dress, too!

Colleen and me before the ball, 2009

The back, “then”: I can see the flab wanting to come over my dress. Ewww.

2007, before the ball.
2007, before the ball.

The back, now. The angle is different but you can see there’s no flab trying to creep over the dress. More definition in my back, too.

The back of my dress, 2009
At the ball, 2009. My mother-in-law is holding all the loot the Marine Corps gave her.

It’s not the same as posting my weight but let’s just say I’m happy with the direction things are going. More about the Marine Corps ball later …