The night our beers didn’t catch on fire

So Crystal emailed me this morning and said she wanted to know more about my Twitter update from last night – so here goes!

We were at the Epicentre in Charlotte enjoying some beers and waiting for our food to come, when the fire alarm started going off. Everybody out …

Those of you unfamiliar with the Epicentre, know this: it’s a 3-story structure that contains a handfull of bars in a circular shape with a courtyard in the middle. So when we evacuated to the courtyard, we got to see everyone else coming out of all the other bars. Most of these people were drunk. And that part was funny.

It didn’t help that I was entertaining a friend here from out of town. I had raved about how great the light rail was. So we parked his rental car at his hotel and waited for the shuttle to arrive to take us to the light rail stop (which would have been an easy walk had it not been raining.) And we waited. And waited. And the shuttle finally showed. But some other guy wanted to go to a restaurant nearby so he dropped him off first. Which made our timing the worst in the world – we got there just in time to see the light rail leave. It tool forever for it to get back. So we waited and waited some more.

Finally got to Wild Wings, had about 2 sips of beer, and then had to be evacuated. So here we were outside, in the cold rain, waiting some more.

The end of this story is good, though – there appeared to be no fire, our beers weren’t even warm by the time we got back in, and we took a cab at the end of the night – no more waiting outside!