Puppies are not trash.

This news story makes me so sad. Five puppies were found in a dumpster outside of Hickory, N.C. Outside of a PetCo, at that. If you’re going to abandon puppies, why not put them at the front door of the PetCo at least?

I know I’m preaching to the choir here – no one who reads this blog would even think of doing anything like that (you probably know you could just drop them at my front door.)

It’s just so horrible to see how people treat animals. I understand economic times are tough and dogs are not cheap – but to just abandon them is inexcusable.

I once saw two kittens get abandoned. I was sitting in my room, when I was in middle school, and I lived at the end of a cul-de-sac with a field across the street. I saw a car pull up and a person get out and walk to the middle of the field, place something down, then walk off.  I watched them drive away and then I saw two things moving in the grass. Oh, I wish I’d seen that earlier and would have thought to get their license plate number. Jenny and I went to investigate, and there were two adorable kittens in the field. Our neighbor, named Jennie, had just had her pet cat die a few days before, so we went to ask her if she wanted them. She took them both, and they lived happily up the street from us for years.

Jeff found an abandoned dog by a dumpster years ago. From what he tells me, she was super skinny and starving when he brought her home – a fact I found hard to believe because when I met Penny, years later, she was fat and happy and loved by his dad and stepmom.

These are the stories with good endings. And I know the puppies found in the dumpster will be ok – people will see them on TV and snatch them up. But what about all the other dogs that need homes? I know shelters are euthanizing dogs all the time. The news story said the Humane Society almost had to turn away the dumpster puppies because they are at a lack of funding. These are hard times, friends.

Both of my dogs came from adoption groups – one from Recycled Pets in Rock Hill and the other from the Humane Society of York County. If I could handle any more dogs I’d adopt them in a heartbeat. I think about the day I adopted Breanna, at Recycled Pets. My roommate Shannon and I went to just “see” if any of the dogs called out to us. What a stupid idea – all of the dogs called out to us! There were tears in Shannon’s eyes when one of the older dogs snuggled up to her and she had to put her back in her crate. I knew Breanna was mine when I picked her up and she wrapped her little puppy arms around my neck and literally hugged me. She had a sister from the same litter, and I wasn’t ready for two dogs, so I had to just take Breanna. Over the years I have wondered what happened to her sister.

Nine years later, and she still has my heart every time she snuggles up to me. She is the best snuggler I know.


(this photo was taken with my iPhone the other night when she refused to lay next to me until I gave her her own blanket! Her dog bed was in the wash after Kishin threw up on it.)

Adopt if you can. Volunteer if you can’t. Donate money if you can. Anything to keep these puppies out of dumpsters.