Bring it on, November

Today is the 13th, which means November is almost over. I’ve got 2 more long Saturday runs before tapering starts before my marathon (tapering is running lesser distances to give my muscles a chance to recover before The Big Day.) Tomorrow I run 15 miles, next Saturday 20 miles (gulp!), then 12 miles the following Saturday, then 8. Then race day!

Today is a rest day for running but it’s certainly not a rest day for life. I’m going to get new running shoes at TrySports today – yes, again. Have worn out my Mizunos and I want to break in the new pair before race day (I need to put 100 miles on the shoes before then.)

I just started my monthly deadline with Natural Awakenings – is it really time to work on December’s magazine already? Has 2009 really gone by this fast?

Also am working on my National Novel Writing Novel, but I’m stuck at about 13,500 words. I’m way behind but I’m not giving up. I plan to catch up big time in the car on the way to the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving.

Tonight I get to go get a pedicure with Colleen and Candace in preparation for tomorrow evening’s Marine Corps Ball. My father-in-law, a major general, is coming down to Charlotte and taking the whole family. Two years ago, I got to go in DC. I missed it last year so I’m excited to be attending this year!

It may be November 13 already, but I will fit it all in, somehow. I will I will I will. (And blogging, too!)