Why your “meh”s make me cringe

I fully expect this blog post to put me in a minority here, as I see this kind of language happening all around me. But I’m sure I can’t be the only one … please, tell me I’m not the only one …

In full disclosure, I have a background as an editor, and at times it has been my job to make sure spelling and grammar mistakes do not creep into articles I am paid to read. As a result, I edit everything. Cereal boxes. Postcards from companies. Netflix reviews. Everything.

Let me also say I’m not a stickler. I do understand typos and other small mistakes, depending on the media – and I am certainly guilty of making these mistakes myself. I have found many typos in my own blog posts, after publishing, that irritate me. Usually they happen as a result of me typing something, deciding to change part of the sentence, and then forgetting to delete that extra comma that’s no longer needed. If you send me a text message with a typo, I’m not going to flog you. Have a typo in a status update? It’s ok.

That said, it’s the mistakes on purpose that really get me. If you read like I do (and I know some of you do) then you know how many accidental mistakes occur in general communication. So why introduce new mistakes on purpose?

I’m talking about words such as:

bah (those last two more for how apathetic they make you sound while using them)

I could go on but even looking at these words is driving me nuts. You get the point. So, those of you who use these words and who are not 10 years old, please tell me – why? And am I the only one that thinks it’s super-annoying to have to read it all over the place?