It’s too noisy in here (so I’m told)

No more Twitter and Facebook together.

Several months ago I started updating my Facebook status automatically based on what I was typing into Twitter. I figured, if I’m updating a status based on me and my life, then my Facebook friends and my Twitter friends could both get the same information, right?

But since then, many of my Facebook friends have joined Twitter, and many of my Twitter friends have become my Facebook friends. Since a lot of people could see my updates twice, I’ve decided once is enough.

Now I just have to think of how to separate my thoughts. I feel like I can say whatever’s on my mind on Twitter. So what does that leave for Facebook?

Also, how many times a day is ok for Facebook status posting? Seems like some people get aggravated if you post 3 or 4 times a day. Personally, I don’t mind if someone wants to post all day long – if happen to be on Facebook all day long to see these updates, then I’m happy to be entertained! It’s kinda like TV –  I could complain if there’s too much on, or I could choose to turn it off. But I know not everyone feels that way.

I’ll continue to post my blog updates in both places, but that’s it. I have a feeling this will mean you’ll be hearing more from me on Twitter (sometimes I held back to not piss off my Facebook buds) and less from me on Facebook. We’ll see how it goes!

Also, I’ve been getting more detailed about my workouts on Daily Mile. Don’t want to bore those that don’t work out too much, so maybe I’ll cut back on the running chatter on the other sites …