Does this shirt make my butt look devilish?

So, you probably think I’m crazy and I know that I am … but I have signed up for two races next Saturday. Yep, two. Here’s why: I’m scheduled to run 12 miles for my marathon training, so I signed up for a 1/2 marathon that morning (13.1 miles.) However – it’s Halloween! So I couldn’t not sign up for the 5K (3.1 miles) in Transylvania County, NC, that evening – it’s called Flight of the Vampires and I just have to do it. I’m going to go all out for the 1/2 marathon – use it as a “practice” for the marathon” and then use the 5K as a recovery/fun run. Hopefully I’ll still be able to walk at the start line. 🙂

So the real question is: What do I wear to run in? I’ve compiled some Halloween/running outfits and I need your help deciding. I need to decide whether to just dress up for the vampire run or to try to run in costume for both. If I do have a costume for the 1/2 marathon – I will have to be very careful. What might feel ok for 3 miles might not feel ok around mile 10. The smart thing would be to only dress up for the 5K … lots to decide!

Ok, I’ll show you the outfits and mention the potential running conflicts. Of course, I can mix/match any of these – so help!

80s costume

80s outfit

What you’re looking at:

~ Blue running skirt (has pocket that would be perfect for energy gels, needed for 1/2)

~ Shirt that’s not exactly 80s but it is pink and it is funny (says: Does this shirt make my butt look fast?)

~ Pink fingerless gloves

~ Black legwarmers (I have no idea if I could run in these!)

~ Blue wig (I have run a 4.1 mile race in this – it got HOT. But it was not cold out like it is now – maybe I would welcome the heat now?)

~ pink glittery sweatband, which of course I would wear 80s style …

~ some colorful hair bands, which I could clip to wig or do something else with.

~ Not pictured – I have a white belt with a star on it, and a white belt with paint splatter pattern on it.

Potential issues with running: Leg warmers. Belt.

I know I could handle the belt for the 5K. Don’t know about the legwarmers – they could fall down after a few steps, or they could last the entire race …


Devil costume

Devil costume

What you’re looking at:

~ Black running skirt

~ Black tank top

~ Black wig with devil horns

~ Fake blood capsules

~ Black cape (long)

Potential issues with running: Cape.

I’m guessing the cape would never even see the start line. But could put it on right after at the finish!


Devil bride costume


What you’re looking at:

~ Black running skirt

~ Black tank top

~ Veil with devil horns

~ Black fake flowers

~ Not pictured: Black wig (I could take the devil horns out of the wig)

Potential running issues: Veil.


Fairy costume

Fairy Costume

What you’re looking at:

~ Blue running skirt

~ Blue tank top

~ Fairy wings

~ Blue wig

~ Tube of glitter

Potential running issue: Wings.


Again, I can mix and match any of these! So what do you think?