My new ride

What a better way to be woken up on a Sunday morning than a phone call from Kevin: “I’m at the REI yard sale. Are you coming?”

Actually, that wasn’t the best part. I did get up and grab a shower and start getting ready, and then I got another phone call from him: “Get down here. I found a bike I think would be perfect for you.”

New ride!

20 minutes later I was inspecting what was about to become my new companion. Kevin and Andrew kept it safe from other shoppers until I got there. Thanks, guys!

I know nothing about bikes. But I do know that fit is the most important. This bike, an extra-small  Novara Carema that was on sale for $300, turns out to be a perfect fit, according to the very helpful salesperson at REI. It’s used – someone had it for 6 months. And in that 6 months she upgraded some of the parts – she added a computer to the bike that measures speed and cadence, and she upgraded the spinny things the pedals attach to (see how little I know about bikes?)

The scary part about the yard sale is you can’t return the items once purchased, and the warranty becomes null. But the people in the bike shop there did an inspection to make sure everything was in good working order, and they said everything looks great with it. And for that price – I just couldn’t turn it down. I kept saying, “That’s like a Target price!” Everyone that saw me wheeling the bike around REI was commenting on what a great find it was – a customer or two even seemed pretty jealous.

Ok, bare with me as I give you some of the details, because this really is all Greek to me:

It’s a Novara brand bike, which is REI’s store brand. People keep telling me it’s a “good starter bike” which is probably exactly what I need. It’s a road bike, which is different from the mountain bike I was borrowing, but it’s perfect because I wanted a road bike. The components all seem to be Shimano brand. It has Carbon Fiber forks (don’t ask me. I thought a fork was what’s in my silverware drawer …)

It’s silver and blue and lightweight and pretty. That’s what I know about it!

All the online reviews talk about how comfortable it is. I cannot wait to try it!

I’m nowhere near done, though. I need pedals for it, for starters. I also need my own helmet (I’ve been borrowing Jeff’s), and I need bike shoes (I have some, but they have clips for the gym bikes so I’ll probably get a second pair unless they just happen to fit the pedals that are right for me.) I probably need lights or something, too.

And I need those of you who know all about riding to show me how it’s done!

An aside: I’m also holding off until I see a doctor about my knee. Yesterday, I was 10.5 miles into a 12-mile run when something bad happened to my knee. This is the second time in a few weeks, so I’m thinking it’s time to have a doctor check it out. A bummer, too – the run was going great! 10.5 miles with no walk breaks. No walk breaks! So I was really disappointed to have to walk, er, limp the last 1.5 miles back to the car. I will be practicing patience until it heals up. …