Help me be clever

Kevin, Jenny, Chuck and I are talking about running the 2010 Cooper River Bridge Run together. This is so special to me as I have fond memories of my first and only bridge run, with Jenny, in 2008. (Want to see how far Kevin has come? Check out his comment on that post!)

I’m going to design the T-shirt. But I need help with what to put on it.

Kevin and Jenny are my siblings, Chuck is my brother-in-law (Jenny’s husband.)

Here’s what I know: They have to be clever on the back. I loved having something to read on the backs of all the people in front of me in the last race!

We may or may not need to add to our outfits, among other things, Kevin’s awesome beer helmet and my blue wig from the Terrapin race we ran in April. So this could just be a team shirt or it could be part of a whole costume.

So far all I have thought of is this:

On my shirt: “If you see my siblings ahead, tell them Mom called and said they have to wait for me.”

Or Kevin’s could say something like “I train so I can beat my sisters.”

But we need a team name (our family name is Davis), and we need lots of cleverness. And if we can make Chuck and Kevin wear pink, even better (just kidding. not really.)

We need cleverness!