Drunk and pregnant

My grandmother – we called her Grandmama – was very poised and proper. She was the only adult I knew that would sleep until 10 a.m. (I must take after her), then stroll out of her bedroom in her silk nightgown, her hair done, and enjoy her cup of coffee in an actual teacup and saucer. So imagine my surprise when Mom told me this gem, from her mother:

“My mom used to tell me she feared that her children would get drunk and get pregnant. Then once they got married, she was wishing they would get drunk and get pregnant.”


And along those lines, my Dad was born a redhead and my mom a blonde. When he proposed, my dad said, “I hope we have several children with blonde hair like you.”

Mom said, “Oh, I hope we have some redheads …”

For the record, my brother and myself were both born with red hair and my sister was born a blonde. They both got their wishes!