Running tip: Don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt

Running is a dangerous sport. Really! It is.

Case in point: Kevin busted ass this week during a run at the Greenway in Fort Mill. And by busted ass, I don’t mean run really fast. I mean he tripped and fell, face first, onto the trail. He’s lucky his knee is only bloody, not fractured.

Speaking of fractured, a friend told me this morning that her girlfriend stepped on a stick while running: Fracture. From stepping on a stick. Scary stuff.

I had a hip injury last year that kept me from running for months. My ankle has been getting sore the past few months – I just ice it a lot, and last weekend I bought a wrap for it that seems to be helping.

My biggest fear is being unable to complete this marathon due to an injury. If I don’t get hurt, I know I can do it. I might do it really slowly and have the worst time ever, but I know I can do it. But if I get hurt …

I hate to think. Runners, be careful out there.

P.S. Marathon training is going well. So far, it’s kinda boring and easy, actually. I’ll be saying a different story in a few weeks when it starts to pick up, though!