Items I have found while helping my parents move

– a cassette tape labeled, in my handwriting, “Dad’s cool mix.” I haven’t yet uncovered a tape player to see what’s on this gem.
– a framed photo of me as a child asleep on a training potty, my wonder woman panties around my ankle and a book in my lap. My grandmother had this photo in her bathroom for years before she died. Maybe I’ll put it in my bathroom now.
– a beautiful red scarf and hat, which mom gave to me because she said she will never wear it.
– a T-shirt from Bethelwoods, the Presbyterian camp where I spent summers as a child.
– a Marvin the Martian coffee mug I had as a teenager. It was serving as a pencil holder on the living room end table.

Some cool stuff here!

Edit: whitney asked for photos, so here goes! Some of the stuff was packed – but in addition, I found a bookmark proclaiming I was “christy’s super swimmer” in 1984. Perhaps I’ll be a triathlete yet!!