From L.A. to SC – reality television at its finest

I’m going to be slightly vague with this post as to not incriminate any actors or reality TV shows.

I was watching TV last week with my aunt Josie and uncle Pete, and Pete turned it onto a reality show, similar in nature to COPS. (Dialogue might not be exact, but I’ll try to remember as best as I can.)

Pete: I love this show.

Josie: I bet it’s staged.

Pete: It is not staged! It’s real!

Me: I have a friend that is an actor in L.A. that got hired to play a part on one of these shows. I don’t remember which one, but he is an actor so what does that say?

Josie: See, I told you!

Pete: No, it’s real.

A few minutes of watching the show/laughing at the show goes on …

Me: That’s him! That’s my friend right there!!

And it was. My friend the actor, on reality TV. Some of you surely know exactly who I am talking about, but to protect the delicate nature of this reality show *snicker* I’ll not reveal his name or the show’s. Once I got over the initial excitement of seeing him on TV, and the laughter that came with bursting Pete’s bubble about his favorite reality show, I texted my friend to get him to confirm the false-ness.

I condensed the text to just enough to show on one screen, but this is the gist of what he said:


So now my aunt has a new best friend and my uncle is watching COPS. Because that’s real reality tv.