Don’t say stupid stuff when you’re drinking, and other life lessons.

Things I’ve learned/noticed in the past week that if you follow, will help you function in basic society (or at least in my eyes):

1. Don’t be arrogant.

2. Don’t insult the Marine Corps.

3. If someone asks you a question, answer directly. Don’t answer a yes/no question with something like “Well, the thing is … I think … ” Just yes or no will suffice.

4. Don’t insult others in your profession. It looks unprofessional on your part. If you think they do bad work, keep it to yourself and use it as an example, in your mind, of what not to do. You don’t want someone insulting your work behind your back, so unless you’re the best in the world at what you do, keep your trap shut.

5. If you feel like crying, snuggle up close to someone you trust and fall asleep on their shoulder and all will be good. (taught to me by my nephew, age 1 week.)

6. Running uphill is worth it to run downhill.

7. Listen to your body. It knows you well.

8. Family is the most important thing in the world.

9. If someone is full of shit and they let it out, don’t think there’s not still more coming. (If it’s a baby, have another diaper ready. And if it’s an adult – even if they apologize and say they’ll never do it again, still watch your back.)

10. Drinking is fun, until somebody has to go and say something stupid.