Why I don’t have a new bike yet

Quite simply, because I can’t afford it.

Kevin got a new bike this weekend – you can read about it here. He’s lucky it’s a guy’s bike or else I would steal it. As you see he notes in his post, he bought the cheapest Carbon Fiber bike the brand makes and the MSRP on it is $2299. He’s using his for racing and I don’t need anything that fancy, but even regular road bikes aren’t cheap. So instead I’ll use my borrowed bike and drool over his:









I am still really slow on the bike but I am getting more confident on the road and I’m learning that I can go pretty darn far! The furthest I’ve been is to McMullen Creek Park off of Johnston Road, about 10 miles from my house. But I could easily go further providing I was comfortable on the roads I am riding. I look forward to doing it more!