It’s all about the proof

Call me vain, but it’s not enough just to run, but I want everyone to know when I run. Part of it is motivation – if you know when I’m running then you know when I’m not running (like this week, ugh).

My brother Kevin blogged about a race in which there was no race T-shirt. He didn’t mind, but I would have. And I don’t even wear T-shirts, really. Sidenote: Kevin now has a blog! He’s quickly become my go-to person for anything performance related – nutrition gels, heart rate questions, etc. He started as a couch potato and is now a marathon trainer all in a matter of months, so check out his progress. I am amazed!

I’m still really wanting to run the Virginia Beach half-marathon in September, and it’s not completely because their race T-shirts are printed on moisture-wicking material (meaning runners can actually wear them) but I’m not saying it’s not the reason either.

In fact, as I commented on Kevin’s blog, I’ve even picked out where my 26.2 tattoo will go after I run my December marathon (back of my leg, right above the sock line).

Because really, it’s all about the proof.