I’m dog people

But for some reason I have seen this rise in my friendships of late, male friendships to be exact, with cat people.

How does this happen?

I didn’t know men even liked cats, much less single men who live alone with them …

Ronnie has an excuse; he and his ex-wife got the cats together and of course once you get to know George and Peanut you have to love them. But how did Alan get Lena or Chris get JC? I thought guys were dog people; the bigger the dog the better. Right?


And everyone knows dogs and cats just don’t get along. So when Chris invited me to bring my dogs along with me on a visit to him, I laughed. “Are you trying to get one less cat?” I asked.

“They’ll be fine,” said the eternal optimist, clearly unaware of what a predator my doberman mix is …

But I love my dogs and the thought of bringing them to visit sounded awesome. I’m not crazy, so I left the doberman at home, but Breanna my beagle mix has accompanied me twice now.

And you know what? It’s not so bad.

The first visit Breanna got one half of the apartment and JC got the other half. Breanna would sniff under the door until JC would extend a clawed paw in her direction, sending her a message to get back.

This visit, however, the animals have been upgraded to sharing an apartment with the door open. And sans one 5 a.m. wakeup where they were tearing through the apartment at high speeds (who was chasing who? Not even sure they know …) they’ve been doing ok. Some growling has ensued, but no teeth-baring. Some hissing, but no claws.


Does this mean dog people and cat people can be friends after all? Well, as Ronnie has been calling me Aunt Melissa to his cats for a while now, I’d say so.