Wedding bloopers

Weddings wouldn’t be fun without some laughs, would they? A picture is worth 1,000 words (even taken with your own camera) but occasionally, taken out of context, the words can be much different than the reality. As I poured over the thousands (literally) of photos of Amanda and Jason’s wedding, some of them made me laugh so I thought I better share.

When I saw these two pictures I could only think “Honeymoon’s over”:






Speaking of fighting, here are pictures of the bride’s mom and the groom’s mom, getting down on the dance floor. However, in these stills, they look as if they’re about to have a fist fight!




Dancing can look very odd at times. So can singing. In these pictures it looks as if everyone is screaming:




And I told you about the dress rip, right?


Well, this photo was taken after the tear was sewn back together, but this guest might’ve just heard the story:



And don’t make the bride laugh too hard, or else she might lose her top:



And this photo is my favorite. Truth is, everyone was dancing, but it kind of looks like the girl in the center is just doing a quad stretch for the heck of it!


Tomorrow I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the wedding. Romantic photos, awe …