The fine print

So I got one of those “attend this free dinner and we’ll give you a great opportunity for your business” mailers yesterday. Typically I throw them away without even looking as I do not need any ugly cookware/condos in Vegas/pyramid scheme opportunities.

This one had a pretty picture of two iPod Shuffles on it, though, and I was mildly drawn in (never mind that I already have an ipod Shuffle). Basically the flier said come get free dinner, 2 iPod Shuffles, and lots of other crap for listening to their speech, blah, blah, blah … The photo of the shuffles appeared twice in the brochure, nice and prominent.

But I noticed the tiniest little asterisk next to the Shuffle mention, so I skipped down to the fine print to see what that was all about:

At the conclusion of the event, each attendee will be given the choice to receive one (1) free MP3 player (not an Apple iPod shuffle, may vary in style and color. May be mailed after the event at no charge), or to receive a mail-in redemption coupon for one (1) 1GB Apple iPod shuffle (color may vary, S+H fees not included.)

Always read the fine print.