Cold hands, cold hiking, and I miss my mom

Apologies if this doesn’t make much sense. I’m on deadline and I’m sleep deprived.

I asked Chris what I should blog about and he said “cold hands make it hard to type.” Which is true – I make a lot more typos when I’m cold. So apologies to those of you who Instant Message with me, because you see the worst of  it.

Reminds me of my high school typing class, in which we were taught it’s more efficient to go ahead and make mistakes and fix them later than to try to fix them as we went along. Amy and I sat next to each other in class and we were the two fastest typists in there. I think a lot of it was the spirit of competition. Maybe I should have sat next to her in Chemistry …

Interestingly enough, when Chris commented about cold hands I was checking out the reviews on my brand-new sleeping bag, which I bought on Sunday for my trip to Mount Mitchell this weekend. It’s a 0 degree bag and has hand-warmer pockets. I hope that’s enough to keep me warm. They are calling for snow. I plan to have Breanna in the bag with me so that should help. However, last year I carried Jeff’s Marine Corps sleeping back, rated for -40 degree weather, and I was cold. So we’ll see!

My hands and feet are cold a lot. My mom asked the doctor about that in high school because she worried about me (awe) and the doctor said it’s possible I need more iron.

I don’t know if I need more iron, but what I do need is more Mom. She and Dad moved to Dallas and that’s just too far away. I think I will call her today.